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必发娱乐手机版 1波兰女清洁工变身职业模特

If you want to meet an angel on earth, head to Russia and meet some of the young Russian models. Mind my words, once you get an opportunity to meet any one of them; you are bound to get floored with their havoc attractiveness and natural beauty. These models possess god gifted looks and are extremely stunning and marvellous.

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A model has gone from cleaner to the catwalk after aninternational agency took a shine to her looks.


How I am curious about this big world


必发娱乐手机版 3Alina Yasheva

I admire those people who do different kinds of work at different points in their lives.

Aleksandra Naranowicz, 27, struggled to find work after movingto England from Poland despite an impressive CV and a mastersdegree。

Alina Yasheva (born 2005) - participates in a large number of fasion shows.

I have been a teacher after I graduated from the college. At the first several years, I really wanted to go out to have a look at the big and wonderful world because of the young and restless heart. But my parents didn't think it's good for a girl to quit the stable job and throw herself into an unknown world. They persuaded me that the world outside looked attractive but not tender at all as I thought. I was not brave enough and had no ability to break up the limitation.


Alina Yasheva(2005年出生),参加了许多时尚秀。

In my opinion, a rich life does not mean how much money you have or what social position you are standing at, it means how many experiences of life you have had. So I admire the people who can do different  work at the different points in their lives. They would deal with different stuff, face different challenges , meet different people and enrich their experience and lives.  It seems they have lived several lives .

She made ends meet with a modest £250-a-week job as a cleaner -but her luck changed when one of her clients referred her to aLondon modelling agent。

必发娱乐手机版 4Alisa Bragina

Once I read a story about a famous model. She walked away from  the T-platform when she succeeded as a top model. She told the reporter that nobody could do the  catwalk on the T-platform all her life. She just wanted to have an active choice. After that she went to study and ran a business and then tried to direct films and so on. I forget her name, but I respect those  brave people, especially women.


Alisa Bragina (born 9 November 2005) is engaged in a drama school. She shot for magazines, catalogs for children's clothes.

I have no plan to quit my job at present. But I want to learn something more to have some more  experiences In the future.

They told Aleksandra she had the figure and looks of a model andthe six-foot cleaner soon left her mop and behind。

Alisa Bragina(2005年11月9日出生)在一所戏剧学校念书。她为杂志拍过儿童服装照片。

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必发娱乐手机版 6Anastasia Bezrukova

A flying eagle

She has already starred in a string of adverts and catwalk showsand is earning up to £2,000 a shoot。

Anastasia Bezrukova (born. 5 January 2004). Russian young model posed for various magazines and movies, and has some works in Russia and Europe.


Anastasia Bezrukova(2004年1月5日出生)。这位俄罗斯小模特拍摄过许多杂志和电影,她在欧洲和俄罗斯都有一定知名度。

Aleksandra said: 'People said I had a pretty face and that I’dbe good as a model. This gave me the confidence to meet modellingagencies in London。

必发娱乐手机版 7Daria Kostina


Daria Kostina (born 15 November) starred in various commercials (TV and Internet), television shows, movies. She participated in the fashion show of dresses.

Aleksandra left Poland with a Masters degree in Pedagogy - thescience and art of education - and moved to Bristol。

Daria Kostina(11月15日出生)拍摄过许多电视和网络广告、电视节目、电影等。此外,她还参加了许多服装时尚秀。


必发娱乐手机版 8Evelina Voznesenskaya

She took a job with local cleaning firm Mopp and one of herclients, a retired media mogul, told her ‘with bone structure likethat you should be on a catwalk not cleaning my kitchenfloor’。

Evelina Voznesenskaya (born 21 September 2005) has a title of “Mini Miss Galaxy 2010", participates in fasion shows, advertises collections.


Evelina Voznesenskaya(2005年9月21日出生)被称为“2010年迷你银河小姐”,参加了许多时尚秀和广告的拍摄。

必发娱乐手机版,She spent the next few months working as a cleaner to save themoney to go to castings in London and was signed up by PRM, aleading model management company。

必发娱乐手机版 9Kristina Pimenova


Kristina Pimenova (born 27 December 2005). This russain young model began to pursue modeling in November 2009. She has extensive experience on the catwalk, as well as taking part in a huge number of photo shoots. Her mother in the past, too, was a model.

She now works as a full-time model and has done countlessshoots, specialising in hair magazines and adverts。

Kristina Pimenova(2005年12月27日出生)。这位俄罗斯小模特于2009年11月就开始了模特生涯,她有着丰富的猫步经验,也参加过许多照片的拍摄。她妈妈以前也是位模特。


必发娱乐手机版 10Marusja Knekova

Mopp founder Pete Dowds said: 'We’re delighted to have been apart of helping Aleksandra with her career。

Marusja Knekova (born.15 December 2006) has participated in shows for "Empire of Childhood".


Marusja Knekova(2006年12月15日出生)参加过“儿童帝国”秀等众多节目。

'She was a brilliant addition to Mopp’s Bristol cleaning team sowe’re sorry to lose her but no doubt she’ll "clean up" in thefashion world in no time.'

必发娱乐手机版 11Milana Kurnikova


Milana Kurnikova (born 22 March 2007, Saint-Petersburg). In addition to modeling, the russian young model engaged in artistic gymnastics at the school of Olympic and most recently she took first place in competitions.


Milana Kurnikova(2007年3月22日出生)。除了模特身份,她还在奥林匹克学校学习艺术体操,并在最近一次比赛中获得第一名。

必发娱乐手机版 12Veronika Kiseljova

Veronika Kiseljova (born 28 September 2007) is engaged in art gymnastics.

Veronika Kiseljova(2007年9月28日出生)一直练习艺术体操。



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